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Individualized Nutrition Counseling

In an initial consultation I will talk with you and your child about his or her eating habits, activity, meal time habits, and nutrition goals. Since growth is very important in children, I will obtain weights and heights, but this is obtained as only one piece of health information. After the initial visit you and your child will be provided with goals that we have all worked to create.  In follow-up appointments I will provide individualized hands on education to your child through activity, food introduction and food preparation. Along the way clients will be supported with communication and education that is provided through my blog, newsletter, and email.

Package Plan- If you desire or anticipate needing multiple appointments a package plan that includes an initial assessment, 3 follow-ups may be a good choice for you. You will have 6 months from the initial date of purchase to use all the visits.

Maria’s experience

The cooking sessions gave my son confidence in the kitchen, and allowed him to learn first hand that tasty food and nutritious food are not mutually exclusive. My son learned that nutrition is not an all or nothing approach.  For example, he has a better understanding of how/when to eat ice cream.  It's not "never" but it doesn't need to be "every day" either.   I also appreciated her discussion of the food groups.  We dissected my son’s packed lunch at a session, and it made me cognizant of the fact that Sam had three fruits and no vegetables.  Her practicality was what I appreciated most as well as her easy rapport with my son. “

Virtual Education

If you are looking for solutions to your picky eater or desiring general nutrition education for your family, then you can work with me virtually. This is most appropriate for children that do not have growth or medical concerns related to nutrition. We will be able to have a video conference and discuss your concerns. I will provide you with realistic solutions and support for your concerns whether it be a picky eater, a new vegetarian, or problem solve ways you can improve family meals. The virtual meetings will provide you support for your picky eater and creative ideas to confidently feed your family.

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Office Location: 5030 Oaklawn, Cincinnati, OH 45227

In addition to seeing clients in my office and virtually I am employed by Northeast Cincinnati Pediatric Associates and I see patients of that practice at their Landen location. If you are a patient of Northeast Cincinnati Pediatric Associates then you can request a referral from your provider by calling 513-398-7171.

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