Family Health Goals for 2019: What has influenced you?

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I cannot believe that the end of another year has arrived. Every January it seems that there is so much time until Christmas comes again and then December rolls around and I wonder where the year has gone. Thank you for being a part of Amy Reed Nutrition this year and I hope you take the opportunity to learn more from this community.

To close 2018 I would like to share with you the three most important lessons I have learned this year and how they have led to the family health goals I am setting in 2019.

Be Brave. The beginning of 2018 started with a series of new adventures for me. I had left my job of over 18 years in December of 2017 to be able to establish a more flexible work schedule. I did this because my mother was suffering from Alzheimer’s and I wanted more time to travel to my parents to help. With this change I started a job working for a local pediatrician one day a week. I also established my own business but was unsure where that would take me. After spending my entire adult life working for the same hospital it felt like a huge act of bravery to leave what was comfortable and head for the unknown.

Be ready for the unexpected. After I left my job, I had a plan. The plan was that I would visit my parents every other week for a day or two to help relieve my dad of some of his caregiving responsibilities. The business I had established was going to be more of a hobby. I was starting to research how I could get some paid writing opportunities, I was writing a blog, and was getting ready to try and improve my website to improve my traffic. I was just getting into a new groove when President’s Day weekend happened. That was the day my mom suffered a massive stroke. For the next two weeks my dad, my sister, and I sat vigil at her bedside as we said goodbye to a wonderful woman. The timing of this was unexpected because she had been living at home with my dad and was in good physical health despite her confusion.

Be a changemaker. After my mother’s death I was not sure what to do. I thought about going back to my old life, but then I thought that if I was going to do something different now was the time to do it. I had always thought of starting my own private practice or nutrition related business but was too afraid to give up the security and comfort I had. I wanted to see if I could do this. Luckily, I had signed up for business coaching mastermind for pediatric dietitians. This group was a lifesaver for me as I forged my new path. I now have office space for a private practice that focuses on child nutrition, a weekly TV segment for a local news station, and I am starting to get some paid writing and speaking jobs.

So, after a mixture of fear, sadness, and excitement I learned about bravery, unexpected changes, and being a changemaker.

In 2019 I am setting the following family health goals based on last year’s life experiences.

Be in the moment. I want to be more in the moment with my family and not so worried about my to do list. Some of the things that I have done already is taking steps to separate my work life and family life. I moved my home office to a place in the house with less distraction and I am going to limit the evening hours that I see patients or provide workshops.

Be grateful. After you lose someone so close to you it causes you to take pause and be thankful for the health of your body, mind, and spirit. I am hoping to do this by talking to my children more about being grateful and journal more about what I am thankful for. One of the places I am hoping to discuss gratitude is at our family meals.

Be fearless. I made some big decisions in 2018 that I never thought I would make and those decisions led to more unexpected decisions. I am working on plans for both my business and my life for the next year that will help me to make decisions that are based on hope and not fear.

Notice none of these include anything specific about diet such as cutting out entire food groups or joining a time intensive exercise class. I cannot say that I have never had goals like that, but at this point in my life those are not the goals that will serve me best.

If any of you out there have experienced loss this last year my hope for you is that you can reflect on it. If any of you are struggling with the illness of a loved one, I hope you can take time for self- care.

I would love to hear your goals for 2019 and what has influenced you.

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Amy Reed