A festive healthy Halloween

The news for fe headlines proclaiming the “worst Halloween candy” have been prevalent in the news. Like most parents I do dread the thought of the large pillowcase of candy that will be brought into the door on October 31st, but I try to remember that while that candy was being collected my kids probably made some great memories with their friends while visiting the houses in our neighborhood. That thought outweighs the worry I have over all the sugar in that pillowcase.

If you have followed my blog long enough, you likely know that I a someone who likes to focus on foods to include in the diet as opposed to those not to include. Therefore, I handle Halloween with that same philosophy. Rather than talk about what not have I like to teach what to have.

For Halloween I try to make sure we have a balanced meal or a heavy snack prior to going out for Halloween night. If you search on Pinterest there are multiple ideas and pictures for festive food. I can honestly say that my food does not always turn out like the Pinterest pictures. The following are multiple ideas for a pre-Trick or Treat meal or snack. That can be served alongside the candy.

Eye Ball Cheese Rounds

This is a very simple snack using wrapped rounded cheese (like Baby Bell). Use a small piece of tape and place a large googly eye on the back of the wrapped cheese to hold the googly eye in place. Very simple and fun.


Decorated Clementines

Another super simple idea is using a marker and making Jack-O-Lantern faces on clementines. You can use a food marker that you can find at a craft store, but it may wash off easily. A Sharpie marker will hold up better.


Green Witch Smoothie

There a several green smoothie recipes out there. I adjusted this one to meet the needs of my family. Whenever I have tried to use greens in a smoothie my children tell me that there is too many greens. The fruits are the star of this smoothie and the greens are used to provide color. For the recipe click here.


Spider Pizza

The base of this pizza is a cauliflower pizza crust. You can search for your own recipe or you can purchase one that is pre-made. There are many brands in major grocery stores. Use black olives or pepperoni that is sliced to look like spiders for a spooky look.


Carrot Fingers

This is a quick and simple way to make a gross statement with food. Peel a large carrot and make slits in the carrot for the knuckles. Place a small amount of peanut butter or hummus on the end of the carrot and then place a toasted pumkin seed at the end of the carrot to look like a fingernail.


There are many other ideas for fun Halloween and fall themed healthy treats. I am featuring some that have been shared by other bloggers. Sally from Real Mom Nutrition shares many healthy Halloween snack ideas and Super Healthy Kids has this recipe for zucchini eye ball pizzas.

Halloween is the start of the fall and winter holiday season. If you would like to get more ideas for the holidays then sign up for my monthly newsletter.

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