Nourishing the Family


Nourishing the family is a journey that every family takes to help them thrive.  No parent can think that their job with feeding is finished at age 1 or when their child goes to school.  Each age and stage of life offers a new feeding and nutrition challenge. Some common feeding challenges for each stage include the following:

Infants- Parents are learning how to follow their infant's feeding cues and trying  to figure out how when and how to introduce solids.

Toddlers- Dealing with food jags and the child liking one food one day and refusing the same food the following day as well as worrying if they really do get enough to eat.

Preschool- This is the age when some children will start to experience peer modeling with food and they may want to have more independence with their food choices.

School Age- A big concern at this age is what to pack in a lunch box that they will eat in the short amount of time they have for lunch while at school.

Teenagers- This is the time that kids may think it is ok to skip meals, consume high calorie low nutrient foods, and may start exploring different diets.  Parents need to start making sure teenagers have some basic cooking skills as they will be on their own in a few years.

Adult- From the college student to the young professional to the mature adult all feel that time seems to go too fast and the challenge is finding the time to eat and prepare food healthfully.

Senior Adult- One of the challenges at this stage in life may be that after a lifetime of preparing food for many it may not be that exciting to cook for 1 or 2.

These are some common nutrition challenges of each age group.  Some families may be dealing with multiple challenges from many age groups.  A family may have small children, but an aging grandparent that is having problems with meal prep and they have to problem solve what to do.  In the coming weeks I will be writing about various aspects of feeding and nutrition at each stage and hopefully provide you with some resources.  Stay tuned.