It's time to pack the lunch box


It’s time to pack the lunch box

            All the excitement of the new school year is upon us, however, I cannot help but have flashbacks to the old commercials for Dunkin Donuts where the man goes in early in the morning and says, “time to make the donuts” with a sigh. Except I am say, “time to pack the lunch box (insert sigh).”  Over the years of my kids being in school I have developed a love hate relationship with packing lunches.  At the beginning I enjoy it, but then at the end of the year I come hate it as it just seems like one more thing to do.  The one thing I do love about it is acquiring containers to pack lunches in.  I guess you can say I have a secret affinity for bento boxes and other containers and you can often find me spending time in that aisle of the store much like a shoe lover browses through the clearance section.  I search and search for that one perfect container that is stylish and practical.  So I am going to share many of my finds with you so it may save you some time.

Yum Boxedited

Yumbox- What I love about the yumbox is the one with smaller compartments is labeled with food group names.  I liked using this when my kids were preschool or early elementary because I think it helped to teach them what went into a lunch.  The box with smaller compartments does not allow you to give large portions so therefore is not as good for a pre-teen to teen, but the blue one pictured has larger compartments, however, they are not labeled with food groups.  They can be purchased at


Plastic bento box- There are several varieties of these bento boxes.  The on pictured is from youngever.  They are leakproof as long as the lid is on tight.  I like that they are priced well.  I paid 13$ for 7 bento boxes and it came with a bonus ice pack.  I recommend having a lower priced lunch box option so if it is lost you are not out a lot of money.  These are also easy to clean.  I bought these off of Amazon and they are currently unavailable, but if you search for Bento boxes there will be several reasonably priced options available.

Fit and Freshedited

Fit n' Fresh Bento Box- This is one of the newest products in my collection.  My younger son has given this one a thumbs up because he likes his peanut butter and jelly sandwich to be room temperature , but he likes his fruit and vegetables to be cold.  This box makes his lunch just perfect because the sandwich can be packed on the larger side and kept a room temperature since the ice packs can pop out the lid and the ice pack in the smaller side with the fruits and vegetables can keep them cold.  The first time I used this for him he ate every bit of his lunch.  I found this at Target, but it can be purchased from the website at


Bentgo-  This is a box my older son found randomly and asked me to buy for him.  It does come with silverware that fits between the 2 boxes.  I usually do not choose to pack his lunch in this because all the parts have to fit together perfectly for it to work, however, he will willingly choose it and pack his lunch in it when he is in the mood.  Since this box encourages my son to pack his own lunch, I approve.  This and other products can be bought at


Insulated Containers and small divided containers- When packing something that needs to be kept hot until lunch time I like to use a small divided container along with it to include sides like fruits and vegetables.  The larger container shown here keeps things hot for upto 7 hours, which is helpful if your child has a late lunch session.  The smaller one is slightly easier to open for younger children, but only keeps food hot for 5 hours.  The small plastic divided container is from Sistema Plastics and is also great for packing snacks on the go.  To investigate insulated containers check out  For the small divided plastic container look at to review this and other products.

PicMonkey Collage (4)

Collapsing Container- The above container is collapsible to save space.  It is by Crofton, which can be purchased at Aldi.  This is one of the newest additions to my collection.  I am hopeful that this can be helpful to provide the amount of food my 10-year-old will need to get through the day without taking up too much space and keeps all of the containers together.  This lunch container also has an insert which is also an ice pack.  It can be kept in the freezer between uses.

I hope you have enjoyed me sharing some of my lunch container collection with you.  All of the containers shown are advertised to be BPA free.  For me changing up the containers has helped to breath new energy and creativity into what can be a mundane task.  What tools do you like to use when packing lunches?

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